The Volunteer Journey # 5: complete your e-learning and become a UEFA EURO 2020 Ambassador!

A practical guide to the e-learning platform dedicated to all UEFA EURO 2020 Volunteers.


If you have accepted your Volunteer role on the Applicant Portal, from today you may expect an email with the link to access the UEFA EURO 2020 E-learning portal. The platform is designed to help prepare the participants for the event: providing practical, useful information to make everyone feel at ease during their activity during the first tournament being held across the continent in history. The Volunteers will be the Ambassadors of the event and the very first point of reference for anyone who will have questions about UEFA EURO 2020.

The following guide provides you with some information and tips on how to complete your e-Learning modules. Note that for any issues with logging in, you should contact For all other issues, you should contact If you have any doubts, questions or technical problems, you can always write to us at We're happy to help!

Step 1 – You have received an email ”Your EURO 2020 E-Learning is here!”. Congratulations! If you have received this email it means you can start your journey with E-learning platform.

Step 2 – Login to E-learning platform. Click on the link in the email to access the E-learning platform – insert your credentials and click «login». Attention ! The credentials are the same as the ones used to access the Volunteer APP.

Step 3 - Access your dedicated area. The e-learning project is dynamic and changes according to your Volunteer role. While some modules will be the same for everyone and essential to participate in UEFA EURO 2020, others will be tailored based on the operational area and role you have been assigned to. You will be able to view your area and Volunteer role in the top bar.

Step 4 – Open home section and start your journey! The e-Learning platform is intuitive and simple to use: in the home screen you can see the modules and the progress («completed» / «in progress» / «not started»). Before starting each module, you can check the expected duration of its completion. Do not worry! If you do not complete the module, the system will save your progress automatically and you will be able to continue later.

Step 5 – Track your progress. To get an overview, access the "Progress" section – where you can see all modules and their status of completion. Please note the modules will be published between March and April 2020 and new ones will be available weekly. You will receive notification emails when new modules are published. Follow us on the official UEFA EURO 2020 communication channels and stay tuned for updates !

Congratulations! Training is a fundamental and very important part of becoming UEFA EURO 2020 Volunteer and you are right on path to be a tournament Ambassador!

Do you want to test your knowledge? Access the «Duels» section and challenge another user on the modules you have already completed. You could become our next champion!

Do you have any questions about e-Learning or do you have any technical problems? Consult the «Tips» section and get more information.

We would like to emphasize that the e-Learning courses are reserved only for Volunteers who have accepted the role of Volunteer on the portal and have read and accepted the Volunteer Agreement (more information is available in the following news). To verify that the process has been successful, you can access the portal with your credentials and verify that the sentence "You are now a Volunteer" is present, with the relative role in the to bar of the site. The role proposals not confirmed by February 15, 2020 have been deemed as interested not confirmed and reassigned to other candidates.

Stay with us! The opportunities to contribute to UEFA EURO 2020 do not end there and we invite everyone interested to stay tuned in order not to miss future opportunities. In the meantime, you can follow us on the social media EURO 2020 Rome or consult our News section, where we publish updates and curious facts about tournament.