The Volunteer Journey #4: become Volunteer and download the UEFA Volunteer App!

This is a practical guide to downloading the UEFA Volunteer App and reviewing calendar of missions in preparation for UEFA EURO 2020.


If you have already accepted your role and the Volunteer Terms and Condition in the Applicant Portal you will shortly receive an email with a link for downloading UEFA Volunteer App (UEFA

We kindly ask all Volunteers to download the application since it is fundamental in day to day activities: you will be able to confirm your participation in the Kick-off event, see the calendar of your missions, check-in for your missions and receive your bistro meal voucher.

The following guide provides instructions and suggestions on how to use and download the App. If you have doubts, problems or technical issues you can contact us via

Please note that, in order to accomplish the process below, you must have accepted your role and the Volunteer Terms and Conditions on the applicant portal (most of the information is available here): to verify that the process has been completed successfully you can always access your profile and you should see a message: “You are now a Volunteer”. The invitation to accept a Volunteer role are valid until 15thof February after which it will expire, and the role will be assigned to a next candidate.

Step 1 - Receive first email “UEFA EURO 2020 Volunteer Programme – Volunteer Confirmation”. Congratulations! If you have received this email it means that your role confirmation has been successful! You will also receive an SMS at number provided in your application.

Step 2 - Receive second email with the credentials to log into UEFA Volunteers App. Attention! The credentials to log in into the App are not the same as the ones for Applicant Portal and should be kept in a safe place.

Step 3 – Download UEFA Volunteer App on your phone. The UEFA Volunteer App is exclusively dedicated to Volunteers of UEFA EURO 2020. The App is available on Apple Store and Google Play, and it is used to see your calendar of missions. For Volunteers who do not use devices which support the App we will provide more details shortly.

Step 4 – Log into UEFA Volunteer App. Open the App and click on log in button and use credentials provided in second email (see Step 2) to log in.

Step 5 – Take a look and accept Terms and Conditions of Application and decide if to allow notification and geolocation services to be activated. Click “Accept” to accept Terms and Conditions and choose preferred settings. If you choose not to receive notifications we recommend to check from time to time if your missions have been updated. Geolocation services are used to do check in and out for your missions. For those who choose not to consent to geolocation services there will be an option to do manual check in at Volunteers Centre during event.

Step 6 – Wait for your missions calendar to be build! On home screen of the App you will see “We are building your mission plan. You will be notified when your mission plan is ready” meaning that your calendar hasn’t been yet uploaded to the system and all you need to do is wait. We would like to remind you that the calendar of your missions will be aligned with availability you gave us during interview and role confirmation phone call.

Step 7 – Your calendar is ready! As soon as your calendar will be ready (March/April 2020) you will see in section “Upcoming missions” all the dates and timings of your activities and if any modifications will be needed you will be also able to contact us via App. We ask for the maximum support from all the participants in trying to modify the least number of missions: around 10 000 shifts are planned for Rome and the Volunteer Team has done everything possible to meet everyone's needs! It will also be possible to request minimal changes during the Kickoff event which will take place in April.

Step 8 – Congratulations! If you have come this far you have successfully completed a fundamental step to participate as a Volunteer in UEFA EURO 2020 and you are in all respects a Volunteer ready to go on a mission! Keep an eye on your UEFA Volunteer App for updates and any calendar changes might be happening up until the end of the event.

Stay tuned! The opportunities to contribute to UEFA EURO 2020 do not end here and we invite those interested to stay tuned in order not to miss future opportunities. In the meantime, you can follow us on social media or consult our news section where we publish updates and curiosities.

If you have not been contacted yet, do not worry: the process of evaluating the candidates and confirming the involvement takes time and there is time until April 2020 to be involved!