The communication channels of the UEFA EURO 2020 Rome Volunteer Program

The first continental UEFA European Championship is coming, stay up to date and enjoy experience of UEFA EURO 2020 Rome Volunteers Program!


The UEFA EURO 2020 Volunteer Program is reaching next phases, the team of 1000 volunteers is complete, kick-off of the inaugural match in Rome on 12 June is getting closer.
In these recent months you have either received a phone call, or messages, or could see news on Facebook from Volunteer Team, and many more will be coming to help you get prepared for this fantastic adventure.
We want to share with you all the communication and information channels to follow and check periodically:

• UEFA V.App – Is a tool designed to manage shifts and to receive all operational information during the event. To download the app and stay up to date, consult this short GUIDE.

• The official Facebook group of the UEFA EURO 2020 Volunteers in Rome - News, specific information, facts and figures, will be shared in the group. If you are not in the group, request to join immediately by clicking on this LINK

• The FAQ section on our website - Consult the Frequently Asked Questions and answers on our website LINK

• Our official email - If you cannot find the information you were looking for in the V.App, the Facebook group or the FAQ section on our website, write directly to the Volunteer Team.

• The official profile Rome UEFA EURO 2020 - Follow the profile and watch the stories published to stay up to date. LINK